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CHF 170,00

We will fly over a beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps in the Lake Lucerne region, one of the most incredible areas of Switzerland!  We will meet at a previously agreed meeting point. We will go up with the cable car and after a short walk we will arrive at the takeoff place. After a fantastic flight experience of about 15 minutes, we will land at the base of the mountain.

CHF 220,00

We will fly over mountains and valleys enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Swiss Alps in the Lake Lucerne region.

We will meet at a previously agreed meeting point, we will board the cable car to get to the takeoff place. After a fantastic flight experience of approximately 30 minutes, we will land in another valley (another town).
Top Fly

Top Fly
CHF 240,00

Top Fly will give you the opportunity to fly like a bird and see a combination of fantastic views of the beautiful landscape between mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

We will meet at a meeting point, previously agreed, at the base of the mountain we will take the cable car. We will climb for approx. 30 minutes (cable car and short walk) to get to the starting point of the flight. After a unique flight experience of about 20 to 40 minutes (depending on the thermal condition), we will land at the lower station of the cable car.

Depending on the weather conditions, the schedule and the flight date we will fly a:
* Top Fly Pilatus,
* Top Fly Engelberg,
* Top Fly Niederbauen.

We will look for thermal (rising air) during the flight, which will allow us to live the adventure of rising in the air.

+41 787 246 334

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Prices don't include cable car ticket.
Most flight sites can be reached in ±45 minutes by public transport from Lucerne central train station.

video service

Video Service
CHF 35,00

No previous knowledge is required.
All you need is a sense of adventure.  

As a passenger you don’t need to have knowledge of paragliding! You do need good shoes and appropriate clothing.

Passengers must weigh between 30 – 100 Kg. Persons over this weight may fly after clearance with us.

Take off & Landing:
Run a couple of steps down a gentle slope, the glider fills with air and carries you and your pilot smoothly into the air.
Just before landing, you get into an upright position and then land gently on your feet.

If you order our video service, we will film the entire flight. You will receive the video on a SD-card or a USB pen drive.

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